Managers - Prepare to Collaborate & Coach Differently


Hosted on 1/10/19 by the Association for Talent Development (ATD),  this webinar introduces a new operating framework for developing a collaborative mindset and skill-set.

Developing and operating with a collaborative mindset is no longer a "nice-to-have" but now a "need-to-have" in today's VUCA world where the challenges of dealing with complexity and global interdependence requires more effective team collaboration for creating value.   

Coach to Develop Genuine Team Collaboration


Scheduled for 4/4/19 and hosted by Turnkey Coaching Solutions, this webinar introduces a new coaching platform for the manager-as-coach to use in developing teams that practice genuine team collaboration on the job.

Without question, the research clearly shows that sustained team-coaching can create sustained team performance improvement.

Note the coaching can either come from an external coach or delivered by the team leader.

Playing The Collaboration Game Simulation


This webinar is currently in development and tentatively scheduled for May 2019.