team development

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Team DEVELOPMENT: Practice Genuine Team Collaboration

Collaboration Game: Highly Experiential Board-Game Simulation

 The Collaboration Game is a one-day, experiential training simulation that teaches people how to effectively collaborate on teams to produce win-win outcomes. 

 By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discover a new, practical operating platform to help you transition from top-down, chain of command thinking to a mindset that views interdependence as key to winning
  • Learn a new mindset and skill-set for practicing team collaboration in the workplace
  • Promote a common language and approach to team collaboration that permeates organization culture
  • Apply an operating platform to support innovation, change management, and performance initiatives
  • Personalize your development of competencies aligned to collaboration skills


This program can be customized to your company and/or industry.  For example, we've customized the program to healthcare and now offer:  The Collaboration Game for Healthcare.