Understanding Leadership Development


Are Leaders Born or Made?

The question of whether leaders are born or made (i.e., nature vs. nurture) has been debated over time.  The answer of course is both.  People come into leadership positions with god-given-like talents that are not equal.  Some people are better at leveraging these talents in leadership roles with little development - including coaching.  Most however arrive in leadership roles through a combination of leveraging their talents, along with developing leadership skills.  Most experts believe that the leadership development platform looks like this:

  • 70% = Experienced Based (Planned or unplanned job assignments, including projects)
  • 20% = Coaching (and Mentoring)
  • 10% = Training (Formal Degree Programs, Public Seminars, In-house training programs) 

Management vs. Leadership

The conversation about management and leadership is another key area where a distinction needs to be made and applied.  "Doing things right" (management) and "doing the right things" (leadership) are both needed when it comes to understanding the leadership development path.  The former is tied to one's competence (and performance) and the latter is tied to one's character as a leader.  To leverage "competence" without regard for "character" is highly typical - and problematic - in organizations.  For example, most of us have heard the story of the highly successful technical person who, once promoted into a leadership role, failed!  Why?  In most cases, the answer is directly related to their poor leadership skills.

Relationships Matter

Developing authentic leaders in today's highly complex world where change, change, and more change is the new norm, starts with building self-awareness.  Why?  In the world or relentless change, today's leadership requires leaders who possess "self-awareness" in order to effectively influence others where trust, for example, is grounded in the relationship.  Effective leadership development then requires bringing the whole person to the relationship to influence others.

Warren Bennis, a leading expert on management development and training, has stated numerous times that leadership is about relationships - and if he had to give something up when it comes to leadership development, he would retain relationships!

So what is a key ingredient for building relationships?  We believe like many others that the answer is tied to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), otherwise described as "self-awareness."  For example, EQ has been shown in various studies to account for more than 80% of the variance between mediocre and top performers!

The question of whether EQ can be developed has also been debated at times.  The answer is YES!  We offer leadership development programs that meet this need.

My Leader Development Background

My leadership development training background is centered on using best-in-class programs to train, develop and coach managers.   See program details below.

Development Offerings

Team Collaboration


We offer The Collaboration Game as a team development program that can be customized to your company and industry if interested.   

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Competency-Based Leadership Development


We partner with Organizational Systems International and use their Polaris Competency Model to develop leaders.  The model can be customized to match up with your organization's talent development needs. 

Situational Leadership II


We offer the world's # 1 leadership development training program in the world.  Situational Leadership II creates a shared process, language, and model for building leadership across all levels.

We also offer a number of other leadership development programs offered by the Ken Blanchard Companies.

Advantage Performance Group


We offer three management development programs:  Symphony, Coaching for Execution, and Tempo.  

Leader & Team Coaching


We offer coaching for both individuals and teams.  We only use International Coaching Federation Credentialed coaches for caching both individuals and teams.

Customized Programs


Customers often have needs that require customized programs.  Beside the customized options described on this page, we can offer customized programs specific to your needs.