My Coaching Approach

Coaching Approach

As a trained coach from the Hudson Coaching Institute, my coaching bias is directed at the whole person in order to help my clients effectively manage change.  This is especially critical in executive coaching where today's leader is expected to leverage relationships to influence others for the purpose of achieving results.

I use the navigator as a coaching metaphor to help describe my role as a coach, i.e., setting the course and managing the process, guiding the client through his or her agenda.  In Hudson's thinking this is described as 'leading from behind'.

Throughout the coaching process, my objective is to help my client buildself-awareness for the purpose of producing future, self-directed change.  This includes taking ownership - and committing to follow up on the action steps they identify in the coaching process.  This approach sets the stage for the my clients to be successful.  

What Makes Me Unique as a Coach

  1. I am very passionate about coaching and leadership development applied at the individual, team and organizational levels.  My mission is to help my clients successfully navigate change...for achieving  results.
  2. I possess a strong service orientation.  This includes recognizing the importance of relationships when it comes to coaching people in order to build trust that can be leveraged for achieving results.
  3. I understand the need to view coaching as a discipline that requires ongoing learning in order to continue to grow (as a person and coach).  Having the requisite skills and certifications is embedded in how I approach the coaching discipline.  This includes related tools and assessments used in the process of coaching.
  4. ​I understand leadership in the context of business.  With 25 years of leadership experience at the​ senior level, I fully recognize a leader's struggle to balance competing priorities for satisfying various stakeholders.
  5. I understand leadership's conceptual terrain - and have committed to its ongoing learning via training, writing and study.  That includes learning from the best along the way.
  6. I understand business acumen.  This comes from working in 3 public companies over a 30 year career.
  7. I understand how to navigate change in organizations.  My experience includes successfully implementing various human resources, safety and business initiatives in 3 public companies.
  8. ​I understand how to collaborate and work across boundaries to achieve results.  This approach is action-oriented and results driven.