the collaborator: discover soccer as a metaphor for global business leadership


2009 Axiom Business Book Award Winner - Bronze Medalist!

The Collaborator: Discover Soccer as a Metaphor for Global Business Leadership

In the Age of Collaboration, soccer represents a great example of the interdependent nature of the team experience.  In his book, Winsor introduces readers to 11 operating principles that mirror actions on the soccer field.  Played at its highest level, the best teams succeed by applying these principles on both the soccer field and business field.

Book Endorsements

"Winsor Jenkins has written an engaging and readable book that accurately describes the importance of global collaboration in today's marketplace.  His use of soccer as a metaphor for conducting business is persuasive, especially his presenation of why soccer is a more apt descriptor for business than is American football."

-  Oren Harari, New York Times best-selling author of The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

"Metaphors are magic.  When they grow into well-crafted allegorical stories, as the one Jenkins provides in this inviting narrative, then the magic has the power to enhance your comprehension even beyond the limits of the storyteller.  This allegorical story conveys a business truth that is more powerful than trade negotiations, more effective than tariff regulations, and more central to the global marketplace than international politics."

-  Ron Crossland, Chairman, Bluepoint Leadership Development and co-author, The Leader's Voice

"As the business world has been elevated to a global perspective the old 'command and control' paradigms are much less effective for virtual, and geographically dispersed, teams.  Winsor's book provides a clear, and compelling, case for a new way of leading.  Using the world's most popular sport as a metaphor, he provides essential instruction in an entertaining and easily digestible format. This book is an absolutely essential read for the 21st century managers."

-  Bruce E. Griffiths, CEO, Organization Systems International 

​"If a picture is worth a thousand words then a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.  Winsor Jenkins has applied the metaphor concept perfectly in his new book, The Collaborator.  It is a well crafted story about a global organization and its management team in which he illustrates an ind-depth knowledge of leadership in the ever changing, competitive, environment we work in today.  The fact that he uses a concept that is widely accepted internationally only serves to make the lessons easy to understand and most important easy to recall.  Best for me, I read and enjoyed it in one plane ride."

-  John P. Hoskins, President & CEO, Advantage Performance Group, Inc.

"The Collaborator may well be that 'tipping point' for helping people and organizations better understand and connect with the global business world - where the nature of the global game is filled with constant change - calling for the kind of teamwork and team play described by Jenkins.  His ability to weave a series of operating principles and complimentary business competencies into a 'Collaboration Code' - using the global game of soccer - offers a fundamental redesign for leading in today's global economy."

​     -  Jim Sutton, Director, Global Organization & Leadership Development, Nike

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focus on them: become the manager your people need you to be

Learn how Management Innovation leads to a new way to collaborate and coach people on teams!

Focus On Them explores the Association for Talent Development's new management framework - the ACCEL model.  Based on their research, ATD identified five skills in the ACCEL model that all front-line managers need to master:  Accountability, Communication, Collaboration, Engagement, and Listening (including Assessing).  Each skill is address in a chapter written by a leader in management and talent development.

Chapter Three was written by Winsor and it covers the topic of Collaboration. In this chapter, a new framework or methodology is introduced to help prepare people to practice genuine team collaboration. 

Focus On Them (2018, ATD Press).   

To order just click the image above to to the ATD website.

Focus On Them (2018, ATD Press). To order just click the image above to to the ATD website.

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Focus On Them can be purchased on AMAZON or by going to the Association for Talent Development site. 

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